Teacher of the Year Award

Awards Open  for 2020.       

Elementary Physical Education, Health, Middle School Physical Education, Aquatics, High School Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education

Susan J. Kolp Innovator of the Year Award


Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Health Education,

Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, and/or allied fields



Award Application Form

Criteria 1

Conducts a quality physical education program as reflected in SHAPE America standards and guidelines for k-12 physical education programs.

Criteria 2

Utilizes various teaching methodologies and plans innovative learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.

Criteria 3

Provides Service to the Community           

Criteria 4

Participates in professional development opportunities.

Criteria 5

Provides services to the profession through leadership, presentations, and/or writing.

-       Professional Leadership (Local, State, District, National, Dates and Type of Service)

-       Service and Leadership (Research, Publications, Special projects, Grants)


Major of the Year

MOY Application

Majors of the Year are selected by the college or university

Selection criteria remain under the determination of each institution of higher education,  but should include the following minimum criteria:

    • Junior standing
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Active membership in professional fraternity (e.g., Phi Epsilon Kappa)
    • Service to school or community for a minimum of two years during the undergraduate career

 Majors of the year must have one letter of recommendation from program instructor.

 Each institution may select no more than two students (Preferred: from different majors within the institution).

 Selection Deadline: Selection nominations must be submitted to SHAPE Michigan by September 15, 2019.